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Joan Meijer

“The first big thing that hit me about this book is a specific talent that Joan has as a writer that I've rarely seen… I'm stunned at the way that Joan has taken a mere glimpse at a person and made them someone I cared about.”
                                                                ~ Literary Litter by Shawn





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Novel Writing Month
Press Release Nov. 8, 2010

The Florida Times Union Book Review Sept. 22, 2013
By Steve Meyer

Book Review: 'Relentless: The Search for Typhoid Mary' by Joan Meijer

Active cases of typhoid in this country are virtually unheard of today. One hundred years ago, the highly contagious disease was fairly common and carried a 10 percent mortality rate. At the time, the only real treatment was to locate the source of the disease (usually contaminated water), isolate the victims and let the infection run its course.

When you think of typhoid, you think of Typhoid Mary. “Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary” takes you back 100-plus years to New York City and the era of Typhoid Mary. Mary was a poor, hardworking immigrant woman who was the first documented asymptomatic typhoid carrier. As her work took her around the greater New York area, so followed typhoid outbreaks.

This book explores the New York Department of Health’s pursuit and treatment of this healthy disease carrier. George Soper from the health department first finds the link to Mary, then doggedly hunts her down in order to prevent her from infecting additional people.

Joan Meijer’s very readable novel mixes the perfect mix of history, science and poverty as she explains how Typhoid Mary gained her notorious place in history.

NOTE:  The same interview by Steve Meyer also appeared in "The Periscope" on September 22, 2013

A Joan Meijer Interview is in the book Up Close and Personal with Modern Self Publishers by Ivin Viljoen.  You can find the book at Amazon:  Up Close and Personal with Modern Self Publishers

BookGoodies NaNoWriMo Flashcast with Joan Meijer

Author Joan Meijer joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss Joan’s tips for participating in NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. 

Interview with Joan Meijer for AuthorMePro

APKY/AMP: Hello Joan, and thanks for this interview for AuthorMeProfessionals. Please tell us something about yourself and how you came to be a writer. What inspired you to write your first book?

I have written since I was eight when I wrote my first 10 page novel. I was immensely impressed with it. When I was living in New York in the 1980s I was studying “Rebirthing” which is a new age idea that says you make your major life decisions at or around birth and you live according to those decisions. One day there was a major accident right up the street from my apartment in which a woman was pinned by a 35-ton building crane 60 feet above an excavation pit. It was a riveting rescue. I wondered what kind of a birth would result in that woman being the victim of a crane that missed two other people and should never have been able to work over an unprotected sidewalk in the first place. So I wrote “The Provenance” (which means origin) about a similar accident and a fictional woman and her life based on a birth as a twin in which her twin brother died and she felt responsible. I also wrote the story of the man who tipped the crane and several other people. They all came together to play out their specific roles in this one monumental accident, each according to their birth decisions.

In the beginning of my career I was very conventional. I wrote with Suzy Prudden. We had agents. We were published by Hay House, Doubleday and Harper San Francisco. Today I publish on the digital sites, I don’t use agents, and I don’t use publishers. I take home 70% of what sells (instead of 7%). I’m absolutely happy as a writer and love the new writing and publishing paradigm.

APKY/AMP: Most writers are right there with you in the paradigm, Joan. Perhaps that’s the current writers’ Provenance. What genre do you generally write and have you considered other genres?

I write in three areas under Joan Meijer – Medical Thrillers, How Tos (dealing with mostly writing) and co-authoring Suzy Prudden books. I have recently stopped writing for other people. I simply have too many of my own books and stories to write.

See the full interview

Up Close And Personal With Joan Meijer - by Ivin Viljoen
Blogger at

Hello [Joan Meijer (pron. Meyer) and welcome to It’s nice to have you with us. You are a self published author, tell us what your book is called and what is it about?

My book is called “Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary” – it’s a novel based on one of the greatest medical mysteries of all time – the case that proved that typhoid was spread by humans. The case ended one of the great epidemic diseases and demonstrated the importance of microbiology. It’s also a story about human dignity, persecution, the battle between the government and citizen rights. The issues are as alive and relevant today as they were in 1906.

Tell us a little bit about your writing process? What methods do you use to write and how did you make it through the grueling process of writing your book?

Most of my novels start as movie scripts because I like the discipline of the movie structure. Once I have the basic action, characters and turning points in place, then I can expand the movie into a novel. I’ve tried to approach books as novels first and found that writing that way is too difficult to discipline. I hadn’t thought I would put “Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary” into novel form because I didn’t want to spend a year in a library but, with the advent of the Internet, I found all that research at my finger tips. I actually don’t find writing grueling – I find copy editing grueling – but writing is fascinating because you never know what the characters are going to say or do once you breathe life into them.

See the full interview

The Tranquillity Initiative – Review by Martha A. Cheves,
Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds

According to his records in the administration office, the young man, dressed in the color-coded coveralls of a porter, was a civilian who had been recruited by an independent contracting company from the Philippines. In reality, he had been raised in the suburbs of Astrakhan and had traveled to the Philippines to live with a distant cousin in hops that he would be recruited to work in the American action. Because he was wall-eyed, and darker than most of their local recruits, he appeared unintelligent to the Americans. They never looked at him twice. In the far corner of the Quonset hut, near the exit reserved for garbage collection, the young man unobtrusively removed the two red, white and blue Tranquillity bombs from a regulation canvas shoulder bag. It was a familiar bag, one that he – like the other native workers – used for picking up garbage around the base. Quickly and skillfully, he transferred the flag-colored bombs to the ragged native carrying case in which he stored a warm jacket and his lunch. It was a tight fit getting them in, but he managed. Stealing from the U.S. Air Force was a well-organized activity at this base. The young man and his friends had been taking bits and pieces of armament for months. To date, he had been most proud of the small surface-to-air missile he had managed to spirit off the base. He had believed that a theft of such gigantic proportions would probably remain the high water mark of his life. He had not counted on the portability of Tranquillity.

When it appears that the war with Astrakham had no end, a group of men inside the high loops of the US Government took it upon themselves to re-up the Tranquillity Bomb. They all agreed that this would be the best way to end the war as well as show others that the US would prevail no matter what. The group had no doubts as to the destruction that would be inflicted upon Astrakham if the Tranquillity Bomb was used. This particular bomb was designed to silently disburse the deadly disease known as Anthrax. The one thing the group didn’t count on was theft of two of these deadly bombs.

The bombs looked like bowling pins and decorated in red, white and blue were easily smuggled out of the country and into New York City by a group of young people posing as bowlers that carried their own balls as well as their own ‘lucky’ pins wherever they went to compete. What they didn’t expect was to find the real threat of the bombs. This came when one was opened in the attempt of removing the explosives, which were non-existing. When they realized their mistake, it was too late. Their fate and deaths were sealed. The only thing left to do now was to take revenge on the US by dropping the 2nd bomb from one of New York’s highest buildings. This will be payback for the destruction inflicted upon Astrakham.

Senator Richland Powell and CDC doctor Cassandra Williams find themselves in a race for not just their own lives but the lives of millions as they attempt to find who has the second bomb. In a city the size of New York, their chances are slim. Powell feels there is a connection between the Anthrax in Astrakham and that in New York but can’t quite prove it. Cassandra feels the connection too, especially since it was her own grandfather who invited the Tranquillity Bomb. His interest in Anthrax flowed down to Cassandra as well as her own father, making them two of the most renown experts in the field. With that, Cassandra knew the two cases were connected. She just had to prove it and find the other bomb before time runs out and the terrorists have a chance to seek their revenge.

This book will scare the heck out of you because it’s possible. It will scare the heck out of you because it’s typical. It will scare the heck out of you because if it happened the people of the US would most likely receive no warning. This book has the making of a great movie! It’s simply so real that you find yourself actually seeing the events as being possible.

Joan Meijer's Interview with 1st Author Interviews about
"Tranquillity Initiative"
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brief Summary: In the near future, President Charles Anderson - in order to get out of an unpopular war and win reelection - authorizes the secret use of illegal anthrax bombs on the enemy. Two of the bombs are stolen from the American base in Turkey and smuggled back into the US. One of the bombs is opened to get at the explosives inside and when none are found, the contents are swept out into Times Square - unleashing anthrax into the population of New York. Cassandra Williams of the CDC is sent to New York to discover the origins of the outbreak. Richland Powell, Junior Senator from New York discovers that there is a second bomb. The two join forces in a race against time to prevent the second bomb from being deployed from a New York skyscraper which would result in the deaths of millions.

Read the interview:

Joan Meijer participates in "The Rescue" The Author's  Lab/Collaboration Series
Posted by Giovanni “The G-Man” Gelati
Friday, August 12, 2011

Joan Meijer has an amazing depth and breadth of work; put her name in the Amazon Toolbar and watch it go crazy. She has written and will continue to write in a variety of genres and tackle difficult subjects. I had a ton of fun with her on this project; she is a great researcher and commands an amazing knowledge of what she writes about. This time she wanted to tackle something on First Responders. Joan puts in plenty of Firefighters, Police officers, and EMTs in our digital short story. She made it easy to follow the flow of the action and carried the story to a very tense and gripping ending. If you have not had a chance to get a read on any of Joan Meijer’s many fiction or non-fiction titles, this is a good choice to get the flavor of her style and substance. If you are one of her many thousands of fans, you are in for a treat. Here is the synopsis and a little bit about the authors:

“Rescue is the story of the dangerous rescue of Earl Latimore who as a six year old falls down an inner city drainage pipe deep below the city streets. With time running out as a dangerous storm endangers the boy's life, G-man and his associates bring their help to the rescue team. Jimmy Jam, the only rescuer small enough to fit into the pipe, is lowered down the pipe to save the child from certain death from hypothermia. As a deluge of rain floods the pipes in which the child is trapped, Jimmy is lowered upside down, with flowing water threatening to drown him before he can succeed, to save the child.

Joan Meijer is the author of 17 fiction and non-fiction books. Her most recent releases are "Tranquillity Initiative" a medical thriller with a political edge about an anthrax attack on New York City and "Relentless: The Search for Typhoid Mary" a fictionalized history about one of the most fascinating medical mysteries in all history - This was the book she wrote to become a winner in National Novel Writing Month. She is currently working on a new thriller "Full Circle" an alternative history which addresses what might have happened if a Reagan-like president had been given a transfusion that contained HIV after the assassination attempt in 1981. In her non-fiction career she is working on a book with Suzy Prudden called "Body Wisdom" that addresses the connection between your body and your life.

Joan Meijer's Interview with 1st Author Interviews about
"Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary"

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brief Summary:  In 1906, at the dawn of the new science of Microbiology, Dr. George Soper of the New York Department of Health, was asked to conduct an investigation of a mysterious typhoid outbreak in Oyster Bay New York. Relentless is based on the investigation of the outbreak which led to his discovery that Typhoid is a disease that incubates in humans. He discovered the first typhoid carrier, Typhoid Mary. 

Read the interview:

Gelatis Scoop interviews Joan Meijer about her new book
Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary

Monday, August 8, 2011

Joan Meijer steps into The G-ZONE
Interview with Gelatis Scoop
Friday, May 6, 2011

A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book
Discussion  with Jennifer Walker and Joan Meijer
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joan Meijer Interview with
Friday, April 15, 2011

Joan Meijer wrote her first novel when she was eight years old—all ten pages. Today, she's a professional writer with 15 books under her belt, including "MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape", which was co-authored with Suzy Prudden and featured on Oprah.

What was your path towards publication like?
Hugely frustrating. I guess I didn't hear what my agent was saying when she told me that she thought she had anthrax every time she coughed. My book is very real, it addresses the "it can't happen here" question. I finally just decided to do the publish-on-demand route since I knew I would have to do all the marketing anyway. I like the publisher. I love the marketing - which is a surprise.

What was the first market you queried and why did you choose that market?
The market for me is the thriller market. That's what I've written - a medical thriller. I have been compared to Tess Gerritsen and Robin Cook in reviews (and Stephen King because the book is scary) so I see that the market agrees with me.

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to pitching yourself as a writer and what steps have you taken to overcome that obstacle?
The internet is HUGE. There are many sites available to talk on. I had to get acclimated to what was available. I found other people's blogs were a great place to start because that enabled me to find other outlets and other outlets to find me.

I use the social networking extensively both as sources for communication and as places to display my successes. I listen to any suggestions people make to me without exception.

Aside from magazine articles and book contracts, how can someone earn money writing?
I have been paid to write copy, brochures, descriptions of businesses, Ad copy, PR, scripts (sort for ads, long for movies), website copy - I have found that I enjoy writing everything as long as the people are nice.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book?
"Tranquillity Initiative " starts when President Charles Anderson is facing a tough reelection campaign in the middle of an unpopular war. He authorizes the use of illegal germ warfare weapons on the enemy to stop the war. Two of the bombs are taken off our base in Turkey and smuggled back into New York. One of the bombs is opened in an attempt to gain access to explosives for an IED. When no explosives are found the contents are dumped into Times Square.

Within days an anthrax plume erupts in New York. Dr. Cassandra Williams, the CDCs anthrax expert is sent to New York to find the source of the outbreak. She is joined by Junior Senator from New York Richland Powell who has learned of the other bomb. From that point on it is a race against death to prevent the proper launching of the second bomb and the infection of millions of New Yorkers.

If you could choose just one thing for your book to accomplish, what would it be?
I would like people to get the point that our foreign policy - in particular these useless wars in the Middle East - are creating enemies with nothing left to lose in their lives if they attack us.

How do you balance your life as a writer with your duties as a parent or spouse?
I am basically retired and don't have to balance much. I find that my writing takes me out of the flow of our household and let's my daughter be a complete wife and mother without interference from me.

My contribution is to fill in where needed. To always be available in case of emergencies. And to turn my grandchildren into readers. When I was married and parenting I found the balance very difficult. Once my children got into school I found it easier.

What is your best advice for getting past writer's block?
Another hat I wear is as a hypnotist. I made myself a hypnosis process (it's on my site) and I listen to it whenever I can't write... which is rare. In lieu of hypnosis I just start writing something - anything - and that usually gets the flow going. I usually don't edit as I go along which helps the flow.

What was the best writing-related advice you ever received?
The best advice of any kind, and it applies to writing as well as business and relationships and life is, "Keep Walking." Don't let anything or anyone stop you for any reason.

In today's market where you can publish your books on Smashwords and get them up on every single epub delivery system, there is no reason for holding back. There's a lot of criticism for going the self-published way because a great many bad writers show up in that venue. I've found bad writers in the conventional publishing venue as well - so I no longer listen to any negatives.

I write, I publish, I talk, I give my writing away, I charge less for it than a big publisher would and I figure that eventually I'll break through to mega-success. The big test was to send it out to a bunch of reviewers and to get really good reviews. After that it's all marketing.

What do you feel is the single most detrimental thing a writer could do to destroy his/her career as a writer?
Not writing is the worst. A writer may not be writing at a publishable level in the beginning, but they get better with practice. Reading and writing is how you learn your craft.

The other thing is never to get discouraged by rejects. Remember Amanda Hocking as an example. She was rejected by all the big publishers and she kept on writing. She self-published online - charged very low prices - developed a following and in January sold something like 450,000 copies of her books. Big publishers aren't even looking for the next Robin Cook - if they were they would have taken "Tranquillity Initiative," which gets rave reviews not only for the story but for my writing. So don't get discouraged by rejections.

Write and read and self-publish. If you sell your books for a dollar and you sell 100,000 of them, pretty soon you're talking real money. JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame was turned down by a dozen publishers. Don't let rejects stop you.

What’s ahead for your writing?
My next book, "Accidental Consequences" is another thriller with a medical twist that starts with the outing of Valerie Plame. After that I have a thriller with a medical twist, "Full Circle" that starts with the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. I like mixing politics with scary medical plots and that's where I'm heading.

I generally blog tips for people who have questions about writing - like "Do I need an agent?" which was just published on I take much of that material from a short book I wrote as a text for my classes in writing called "How To Write A Book That Positions You As An Expert In Your Field". I've spent years accumulating information about writing and I love sharing it. I'm still doing tons of writing projects outside novel writing. Suzy Prudden and I are nearly finished with a new book, I'm working on two new websites, I just sent in the written material for a Suzy Prudden workshop. I just keep writing every day.

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Improvised Digital short Stories Blood Bond vs. Burn It!
Friday, April 15, 2011

Talk about intensity, competitiveness, and fun, that was just the beginning of the day for me as I gave each team the three words that were going to spark eight authors into action. They jammed off of each other’s work like jazz musicians or rockers going to it trying to outdo each other. It was fun sending the next piece to all involved; I enjoyed the comments I was receiving from the other participants as they were reading through not just their own piece but the next one that was played off of theirs. How far did they go, where can did they take this in 1,000 to 1,500 words. It is definitely worth the $0.99 to find out.

Seriously , contemplate the same three words; Bartender, Library, and Dumpster and read each story, shake your head as you try to figure out where one author’s work starts and ends. It is fun; the quality of the work is amazing, and the amount of time I gave each was 1.5 hours to read what was done before them, write their piece and get back to me to pass it on. Pressure? Sure, but the eight of them handled it like it was a stroll in the park on a nice day. It was an honor, a privilege, and a blast to have been a part of the project.

If you have an ereader, laptop, computer, smartphone…. the $1.98 for the two stories is worth the time and the money. Below I have the authors’ names, their respective works they have penned, and a brief synopsis of the stories. Have some fun with this if you download them; we did.

“Trestle Press and Giovanni Gelati have done it again as they produced a fun and exciting time for a team of authors, wait two teams this time, Girls vs. Guys. Burn It is the collaborative efforts of authors Thomas Kaufman, Vincent Zandri, CQ Scafidi, and Thomas White. They were given three words to construct this story: Bartender, Library, and Dumpster. From that they made this suspense tale. Download it and decide for yourself which is the better story.

Thomas Kaufman is the author of Drink the Tea and the soon to be released novel, Steal the Show.

Vincent Zandri has penned many works ,most notably Godchild, The Innocent, Moonlight Falls, The Remains, Pathological, Moonlight Mafia, and True Stories.

CQ Scafidi has written Time Couriers and has created the digital short series The Commissary.

Thomas White is the author of Justice Rules.

Read this incredibly well written digital short story that was created by these four authors in less than six hours as they played off of each other’s work to bring this story to its end. You can hear the audio version of the story with the voice talents of Big Daddy Abel (The Open Mic Series), Bri Clark ( Caffe Seduzione, The Familial Witch), Joan Meijer (Tranquility Initiative, The Provenance) and Thomas White(Justice Rules) on Giovanni Gelati’s blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE, archives. “

“Trestle Press and Giovanni Gelati have done it again as they produced a fun and exciting time for a team of authors, wait two teams this time, Girls vs. Guys. Blood Bond is the collaborative efforts of authors, in order, Bri Clark, Joan Meijer, Laurie Bowler, and Barbara Briggs Ward. They were given three things to construct this story: Bartender, Library, and Dumpster. From that they made this paranormal/werewolf/ suspense tale.

Bri Clark is the author of the digital short stories Caffe Seduzione and The Familial Witch.

Joan Meijer has authored a number of non-fiction books as well as Tranquility Initiative and the Provenance, both fiction novels.

Laurie Bowler henis the author of The Depths of Darkness, Serena Embracing Darkness, Sunrise to Sunset, Vanquished and The Across The City digital short series.

Barbara Briggs Ward has written The Reindeer Keeper and Snarly Sally’s Garden of ABC’s.

Read this incredibly well written digital short story that was created by these four authors in less than six hours as they played off of each other’s work to bring this story to its end. You can hear the audio version of the story with the voice talents of Joanne Lewis (author of Wicked Good), Joan Meijer,Bri Clark, and Giovanni Gelati ( Gelati’s Scoop Blog and The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show) ) on Giovanni Gelati’s blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE, archives. “

Have a great day.

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Joan Meijer joins Giovanni Geloti in special writing project
Apr. 9, 2011

Giovanni Geloti came up with a unique idea. Invite four male writers from different genres to write 1000 words each and create a short story. Invite four females to do the same thing in about six hours. Then meet on the phone and read the short stories that resulted. Joan Meijer was both a writer and a reader. "I have never thought about writing anything with werewolves in it, I was sure I couldn't do it. Once I started writing, the pieces fell in place." This was really fun! I think every writer would enjoy playing like this."  -- Joan Meijer

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Review by

Self-Published Sunday Joan Meijer The Tranquility Initiative
Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bombs, terrorists, Presidential elections, and surprises, surprises, surprises await you if you are bold enough to crack the covers on this novel. I love finding quality reading material as the lines begin to blur in what is ”real” publishing and what is not. Joan Meijer went the self-pub route and brings a doozy of a novel that maybe, just maybe was too hot to handle for the big boys to publish. The plotline is serious, the narrative intense, the situation dire. Enough of my rambling, to what is between the covers:  “Tranquillity Initiative is a medical thriller in which President Charles Anderson-in order to put a stop to an endless war with Astrakhan, and to salvage his presidency and bid for reelection-authorizes the Tranquility Initiative, the illegal use of anthrax weaponry.

Two of the bombs are stolen off of the Trabzon Base in Turkey. They are smuggled into New York by Micha Rodan's terrorist group. Seeking explosives for an IED, the terrorists open one of the weapons and find nothing but strips of tin foil. When they dump the foil and the invisible anthrax germs it accompanies outside a building off 42nd Street, the germs are swept into Times Square by a light evening breeze. As the disease unleashes its fury within the city and around the world, and with the terrorists always one step ahead of them, Doctor Cassandra Williams, an anthrax expert from the CDC, and Richland Powell, the junior senator from New York, race frantically to stop Rodan and his men before they can properly deploy their second weapon and bring the city's death toll from hundreds to millions.”

Here is something about the author:
“Joan Meijer is the author of fifteen books including the best selling "MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape" - featured on Oprah. Her most recent fiction release is "Tranquillity Initiative" a medical thriller about an anthrax attack on New York City. She had to completely rewrite more than half the book when the twin towers came down since she had selected those buildings as the best buildings in the city from which to deploy an anthrax bomb.

Joan is the former president of The National Emergency Care Advisory Council which worked with the major Networks Program Practices Departments to correctly represent first aid in programming. She is a former New York City Paramedic but she says she's saved more lives as a First Aid Instructor for the American Red Cross. One of the lives she saved was that of a 38 year old student who, as a result of her teaching, recognized that he was having a heart attack even though he was exceptionally fit and young, took himself immediately to the hospital where he went into cardiac arrest as he walked in the door.”

This is different kind of thriller read. It is dark, it is graphic, it is almost a horror story within a thriller. The ride through the novel was quick and took many a turn but I am not going to say anymore so I don’t spoil it. This author is joining us on our The G-Zone blogtalk show Tuesday April 12 at 8pmEST. I have a feeling this is going to be one charged, entertaining conversation.

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Review by Jennifer Shaw, Booknoise

Tranquillity Initiative - Summary

The United States is at war in endless war in Astrakhan. It is an election year. In order to extricate itself from the war President Charles Anderson authorizes the Tranquillity Initiative - use of American Anthrax weaponry in Astrakhan.

Two of the bombs are stolen from the American base in Turkey and smuggled into New York. One bomb is opened accidentally - which puts the city on notice of the threat. Dr. Cassandra Williams of the CDC and Senator Richland Powell must use every ounce of intelligence to find the terrorists and stop them. Unbeknown to then, a secret White House cell - trying to prevent knowledge of Anderson's use of American weapons is trying to stop Cassandra from stopping the terrorists and identifying the origins of the anthrax.

My Take:

Tranquillity Initiative is a thriller loaded with realistic weaponry and intense action. With elections around the corner two soldiers are given an order to drop a bomb ending the war with Astrakhan. Terrorist cells have infiltrated the White House. To make matters worse a few bombs have been stolen and are making their way to N.Y.

If you are looking for an action packed thrilling read them Meijer's Tranquility Initiative is the book for you. Meijer keeps you on the edge of your seat as Cassandra delves deeper into a conspiracy that is so realistic it's scary as hell.

I have to admit that this is not a book I would have read if I saw it on the bookstore. The cover didn't speak to me and left a lot to be desired in my opinion but once you start reading you are enthralled by the conspiracy and can't wait to see what happens in the end. This is a fabulous read that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys a really good thriller. Tranquillity Initiative is fantastic. Meijer tells a superb story that will have you wanting more.

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Review by: Lisa Faber, lisasabookworm

Tranquility Initiative begins at an airbase in Turkey. A young soldier, Billy Williams, recognizes bombs that are loaded onto a plane as bombs for germ warfare. He and Derek Kingsley are under orders to drop the bombs to end the war with Astrakhan.

This is the beginning of an intense and action packed book. Two of the bombs did not make it onto the plane. They were stolen from the airbase and find their way into New York City.

I have to admit, I like conspiracy theory books. The people in power will stop at nothing to stop the press from finding out that the United States broke a treaty and used germ warfare. The President, Charles Anderson, is running for re-election, and the men that are surrounding him belong to a secret society.

Meanwhile, the terrorists who have the two missing bombs are seeking revenge for the mass murders that occurred in their homeland by the war and then the anthrax.

Caught in the middle are Cassandra Williams and Senator Richland Powell, who are desperate to stop the senseless killing of more civilians.

This book is a race against time book. The government trying to cover up, the terrorists trying to terrorize, and then those trying to stop the opposing sides. It is the set up for a very good book.

I don't want to say too much about what happens, because I recommend that you read this book. I gave it four stars.

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Review by AR Cook

Look out Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen– there is new competition in the medical thriller field!

That competition is Joan Meijer!

The Tranquillity Initiative by Joan Meijer is a medical thriller with plenty of action.

In an attempt to quickly end an unpopular war, the president signs a paper authorizing the use of germ warfare. A pilot recognizes the bombs being loaded onto his plane as anthrax and shares this with a friend. This conversation is observed by the “wrong person” and the cover-up begins. Later when it is discovered that two of the anthrax bombs are missing, more people get involved in trying to cover up the incident.

The bombs are smuggled off base and into the United States where terrorists accidentally release some of the anthrax. With anthrax illness showing up on two continents, the CDC and Dr. Cassandra Williams get involved.

Also involved are politicians and a secret military group that want to hide the US involvement in the crisis at all costs. Law enforcement and the CDC are trying to locate the terrorists before they can deploy the second bomb.

The Tranquillity Initiative caught my attention on the very first page and held it till the end. It was a difficult book to put down. I am hoping that this is the first in a series of books with Dr. Williams and the CDC.

There was some coarse language in the book, but probably not more than could be heard in your local shopping center.

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Tranquillity Initiative by Joan Meijer book review

By "Crazy Crafter & Cat Lady" Anastacia

January 8, 2011

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a thriller, all right. I do not generally read thrillers (nor do I like to watch them) - those are the types of things that keep me up at night, or give me nightmares, and I already have problems enough sleeping. But the premise of this book caught my eye & I agreed to review the book (I received a copy for free by the author).

I was immediately hooked into the book, and read it in a little less than a week. I could have easily finished faster, but the book is darker than I would have liked, so I couldn't read it at night (again, read the bit about giving me nightmares). This book is a very scary read -- not horror movie scary, more like Stephen King "Under the Dome" scary, but worse. I think what makes this book such a scary read is that it is so believable, and in the crazy world we live in, you can see most of these events actually happening, especially the germ warfare part. My coworkers saw me reading this book on my lunch break, and we got into conversations about germ warfare, and got us talking - good stuff!

There are a few scenes that were graphic for me, that I could have done without, but this book is excellent & I would definitely read anything else Meijer comes up with!

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Review written by
Cy Hilterman of a book supplied by the author
January 4, 2011

This is a book that all should read, especially in today’s unsettled world where anything could disrupt peace and every day living. Tranquility Initiative gives the scenario of anthrax being spread across the world, started by The United States through a secret project. While it is fiction you will find yourself shuddering every time the danger of anthrax and the individuals hurt before a grueling death it places within a human. The story tells just how easy it would be to spread such a fatal disease by several humans working together to steal one or more of these anthrax bombs and drop it to kill as many people as they possibly could at almost any location where it would kill the most.

The anthrax was first spread by The United States in a nation called Astrakhan ten years after the turn of the twenty-first century. The death in Astrakhan was devastating dropping people that never knew what had attacked them or who did the attacking. Supposedly top United States government officials secretly planned and carried out this genocide after Europe fell apart and was being controlled by the Nations of Islam united. Two pilots noticed the red, white, and blue coloring on some strangely shaped bombs that were being loaded into their airplane. It reminded them of years past when their parents and grandparents told of germ warfare, but this couldn’t be that since it was outlawed by past presidencies. But the closer they came to taking off and dropping those “different” looking bombs, the more they worried about what they were about to do. They did not want to kill innocent people.

A few of these bombs were stolen with no one certain they actually disappeared. However, when anyone responsible for handling, transporting, or dropping these bombs started to vanish, it got very strange; they were found dead or disappeared. The CDC was notified about the anthrax and Dr. Cassandra Williams was brought into New York where the anthrax was now appearing. Meanwhile the families of the ones that released the anthrax in New York City became sick as well as the bombers themselves. They still had one more they had to set off so the race began against death. An unknown government official had to be involved in this but that person was not known. A United States Senator, Richland Powell, was also involved assisting Dr. Williams in tracking down the source of the disease.

This book will blow your mind away. When one thinks it couldn’t happen here, the reading of this book will change your mind. Those that would hurt us for any reason will find a way around anybody and anything to make that hurt come about. I highly recommend this book. I compliment Joan Meijer on her writing. It is very complex without leaving the reader behind.

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Joan Meijer was featured on Carol Roth's blog article titled "Entrepreneurs Share Their 95 Balls-to-the-Walls Crazy (BTWC) Business Goals."

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Review by Jon Steel -

I received this book for review a few weeks ago, and read through it the last couple of days. In this novel, the United States is involved in another one of those "unwinnable" wars in Astrakhan, a breakaway Soviet Islamic country. President Anderson is facing a difficult re-election campaign, and meets with his advisors to come up with a strategy for getting the troops out with a victory. One of the advisors suggests the Tranquility Initiative, which the president approves without getting any details. As it turns out, the Tranquility Initiative is the use of germ warfare, the release of a weaponized pulmonary anthrax strain to devastate the enemy.

The advisor, Donald Finnegan, is also a member of a secret group called Medici, whose members all belonged to a Special Forces squad in the Gulf War that participated in a massacre of a civilian village - and liked it a little too much. They formed a shadowy group within our government after the war to do whatever it took to defeat America's enemies, and they all wear special rings. I thought this group seemed just a little too stereotypically "baby killer" to be believable, but it works to drive the plot along.

The bombs containing the anthrax are delivered to a base in Turkey, and the mission is flown to deliver them to Astrakhan. Unfortunately for the pilots on that mission, Billy Williams, one of them recognizes the bombs for what they are as they're being loaded. His father and grandfather were bioweapons researchers working at Ft. Detrick, and he even has a model one of these bombs he used to play with as a child; they look exactly like red, white and blue bowling pins. Now that he knows, the Medici obviously have to kill him, and a fighter jet follows the bomber, blowing it out of the sky after it has delivered the payload, very effectively silencing a potential whistle blower. In a massive display of overkill, the Medici also blow up the barracks at the military base, killing all potential witnesses to the departure of the bomber.

What no one realizes in time, however, is that spies on the base managed to sneak away a pair of the bombs, delivering them eventually to the Astrakhan rebels. They don't know exactly what they have, but they know they're bombs, so they send a terrorist team into the United States to set off the bombs there in revenge for what the Americans have done to their country. The terrorists are a bit inept, and while disassembling one of the bombs, they release the anthrax bacteria in the heart of New York City, infecting themselves and dozens of other people.

From this point onwards, it's a race against time for the authorities and medical experts to diagnose the disease, figure out that it's a bioweapon, and locate and stop the terrorists before they can detonate the second bomb over a wider area, creating a devastating epidemic.

One of the main characters in the book is Cassandra Williams, sister of Billy, who is a doctor with the CDC, originally sent to study the anthrax outbreak in Astrakhan, who has returned to the U.S. just in time for the New York City incident. She is extraordinarily competent and serendipitously gorgeous, and she is doggedly tenacious in interviewing the victims to discover the origin of the disease. While she is doing this, Medici is trying to cover their tracks, killing off anyone who might talk about the Tranquility initiative, or be able to identify this particular strain of anthrax as having come from U.S. biolabs, which includes Cassandra's father.

Overall, this was a pretty good read, if you suspend your disbelief enough to credit the whole conspiracy theory idea of the secret military organization willing to murder its own troops and its own citizens to destroy the enemies of the U.S. and keep things quiet. It had some likeable heroes, good action sequences, and a really good "reveal" at the end.

A good read. It had a really good "reveal" at the end.

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Review from Literary Litter by Shawn
Wednesday December 8, 2010 

Tranquillity Initiative is a medical thriller in which President Charles Anderson-in order to put a stop to an endless war with Astrakhan, and to salvage his presidency and bid for reelection-authorizes the Tranquillity Initiative, the illegal use of anthrax weaponry.

Two of the bombs are stolen off of the Trabzon Base in Turkey. They are smuggled into New York by Micha Rodan's terrorist group. Seeking explosives for an IED, the terrorists open one of the weapons and find nothing but strips of tin foil. When they dump the foil and the invisible anthrax germs it accompanies outside a building off 42nd Street, the germs are swept into Times Square by a light evening breeze. As the disease unleashes its fury within the city and around the world, and with the terrorists always one step ahead of them, Doctor Cassandra Williams, an anthrax expert from the CDC, and Richland Powell, the junior senator from new York, race frantically to stop Rodan and his men before they properly deploy their second weapon and bring the city's death toll from hundreds to millions. (Taken from the back of the book)

As political/terrorist books go, I have to admit this was the most fascinating that I've read. In the beginning I found myself drifting off and having a little trouble staying in line with the context of the story. Basically, politics is dry to me and I was a little bored out of my skull. Soon, however, that changed. I began to get intimate glimpses into the lives of specific individuals and found myself anxious to find out what would be happening next.

The first big thing that hit me about this book is a specific talent that Joan has as a writer that I've rarely seen, and I've read A LOT of books. Throughout the book we're presented with several characters who have contracted the anthrax virus through one means or another. In a matter of a few short paragraphs, Joan was able to make me care about those characters. One character was presented on one mere page, but I loved her and cared about her as if she'd been a life long friend. I've been going over and over this in my mind and I still can't figure out how she did it. Even if this isn't a book you might be interested in, if you're a writer, you might consider picking up this book to learn a few hints on character creation. I'm stunned at the way that Joan has taken a mere glimpse at a person and made them someone I cared about.

Secondly, this is not the type of book that really affects you fully while you read it. Each individual story line does, don't get me wrong, but the over all tone and reflection of the book doesn't hit you right away. I found that once I reached the end, the entire story changed for me and I found myself clapping my hands with glee. It's a week later and still I'm churning this story in my brain and coming up with new thoughts that I'd missed before. Though during reading it can be dull and dry at times, the after effects of this book are what make me suggest it as a good, thoughtful read.

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November 22, 2010

“Tranquillity Initiative” has received a 5 Star Hartstan Rating on Barnes and Noble

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Review by Katherine Bartlett, Our Whiskey Lullaby

This is the best worst case scenario book I have read in a long time. It is action packed and doesn't stop until the last page. The best part was how graphic and well written the storyline was. If you like bio-war thrillers, then this is the book for you! Great for a gift for the man in your life for Christmas too!

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Review by Harriet Klausner
The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

In a bid for a second term, President Charles Anderson must end the latest American Middle East war in Astrakhan. Like Iraq and Afghanistan, this endless conflict has cost lives and treasure, but mostly a tired American people. To insure victory at the ballot box, he must win in the Middle East where Muslims loath the invaders. His Medici Group advisors insist we avoid another humiliating retreat by deploying the Tranquility Initiative, which uses internationally banned anthrax as a weapon of mass destruction.

Terrorists steal two containers that they believe hold explosives from Trabzon Base in Turkey. They smuggle the boxes into New York City, but in Times Square they are surprised by what they find when they open the tightly sealed container; strips of aluminum foil with nothing else inside falls to the ground. The terrorists unwittingly introduce Anthrax that quickly spreads around the world from the most internationally tied city. CDC anthrax expert Doctor Cassandra Williams and New York Senator Richland Powell try to prevent the unleashing of the second box as the terrorists now know what the aluminum contains.

One would hope this could not happen, but with Iran-Contra allies like Hussein and the Taliban in the 1980s, the unsolved anthrax mailing, etc. Joan Meijer provides a powerful plausible cautionary thriller. The lead pair represents the turbines driving the tale as the Tranquility Initiative combines elements from the medical thriller with that of a political tale. Fans will be hooked from the moment the box is stolen as Ms. Meijer’s premises are the reelection of the president supersedes national interests at any cost and that the consequences of decisions today will surface in a decade or two in the future.

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Joan Meijer Interview
The World Of Book Reviews Blog

Babs....How did Tranquillity Initiative come about, and can you tell a little bit about the book? ( for those that have not read it yet )

Joan.... Tranquillity started when I was reading a book called "Technological Terrorism" back in the '90s and I thought - what a good idea. Initially, I had anthrax facts from before 2001.... I used the World Trade Center as my launch pad... All kinds of things happened that caused revisions - like 9/11. What didn't change was the idea that germ warfare was a threat, that we were making enemies in the Middle East that might come home to haunt us and that I could see that the military were smart people who might eventually get fed up with the civilian chain of command and - given a weak administration - find a way to dominate the president.

The story is about a weak president in an unwinnable war during an election year, who uses old anthrax weaponry to bring that country to its knees and "win" the war. Two of the weapons are stolen off a base in Turkey and because the Administration doesn't want anyone to know it used germ warfare, it does not alert other government agencies to the fact of the theft. The two bombs are smuggled into New York. One is opened in a search for explosives that aren't there. The contents are dumped out onto the street in Times Square. Outside of the anthrax attack in 2001, there have been two cases of the disease in the US in the past 40 years so Cassandra Williams, anthrax expert at the CDC, is sent to investigate the outbreak. Senator Richland Powell learns there is a second bomb and that the terrorists had figured out what they have and plan to deploy it properly from a skyscraper. The rest of the story is about stopping the terrorists from deploying the bomb even as the military cadre from Washington tries to stop Cassandra Williams from discovering the origins of the weapon.

Babs....Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Joan.... I wrote my first novel when I was eight.... all ten pages of it. But in my role in my family I was always behind the scenes - my mother was the famous Bonnie Prudden whose work resulted in the founding of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, author of 33 books (I ran her office during school breaks). My sister was the famous fitness expert Suzy Prudden author of 12 books - four of them with me as co-author - (I also ran her office). So it has been a break out for me to become my own person and write what interested me, and be the writer being interviewed instead of sitting in the back of the room. Of course my mother and sister are delighted and supportive and wonderful and I keep wondering what took me so long.

Babs.....Do you have a current project in he works?

Joan.... I am, as we speak, participating in National Novel Writing Month - write a 50,000 word novel between November 1-30. I've written 20, 930 words of a novel about the discovery of Typhoid Mary....I Iike medical stuff, having been a New York Paramedic in my past life. I have seven chapters of another thriller that I put aside to do the national novel writing contest. The new novel starts off with the outing of Valarie Plame and discusses what might have happened as a result of that criminal activity. And I have another story that is pushing at me. I'm never without projects. They all seem to have medical ramifications.

Babs....What do you do when you are not writing?

Joan.... I have a very compelling Grandson who keeps me very busy when I'm not writing. I study current events and real a lot. I swim for exercise, and love to research recipes from around the world and prepare them for the family. We live on a mini-farm with five rescue dogs, five rescue cats, three goats (two of which we bottle fed after their mother died.) They believe our living room should be their barn so we've had to seal off the doggie door. They also think they are lap goats which was great at 10 pounds. We have a crippled pig (who came from next door after its mother tried to kill it and was bottle fed along with the goats). The problem with the pig is that eventually he's going to have to go into our freezer and we're having problems with that. We also have 30 some odd chickens and three ducks, 13 bunnies (soon to be more because we breed them for meat) and a horse. What with gardening and a little bit of helping with the animals I am never without distractions.

Babs...Anything else you would like to say?

Joan... Life as a writer is so rich it's quite astonishing - considering that I spend so much time in my room. I am always amazed at how quiet my room is when I stop writing because of the noise that goes on in my head during the writing process. It is a wonderful gift and I am so grateful that I can finally indulge in it full time.

Babs...Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and being a guest on the blog.

Joan...Thank you for asking me. I enjoyed the process.

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Review by Barbara Hightower
The World of Book Reviews

In this medical thriller we have an anthrax attack on NYC. One of many twists is that this anthrax is American made that was stolen from a military base. Cassandra Williams and Senator Powell try to find the terrorists in time. There are so many twists, that the story keeps you on pins and needles and the ending is remarkable. This is a must read.

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Novel fever takes the world including Joan Meijer
by storm.

Joan has signed up with National Novel Writing Month to write a novel that has been languishing in her computer for many years. The story is a fascinating medical mystery about the search for Typhoid Mary. Although Joan is already a writer, this challenge seemed too much fun to miss.

About National Novel Writing Month

At midnight on November 1, armed only with their wits, the vague outline of a story, and a ridiculous deadline, more than 200,000 people around the world will set out to become novelists.

Why? Because November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, the world’s largest writing challenge and nonprofit literary crusade. Participants pledge to write 50,000 words in a month, starting from scratch and reaching “The End” by November 30. There are no judges, no prizes, and entries are deleted from the server before anyone even reads them.

So what’s the point? “The 50,000-word challenge has a wonderful way of opening up your imagination and unleashing creativity,” says NaNoWriMo Founder and Executive Director (and eleven-time NaNoWriMo winner) Chris Baty. “When you write for quantity instead of quality, you end up getting both. Also, it’s a great excuse for not doing any dishes for a month.”

More than 500 regional volunteers in more than 90 countries will hold write-ins, hosting writers in coffee shops, bookstores, and libraries. Write-ins offer a supportive environment and surprisingly effective peer pressure, turning the usually solitary act of writing into a community experience. That sense of community even extends beyond the page — so much so that more than a dozen marriages and at least four babies have resulted from NaNoWriMo over the years.

Although the event emphasizes creativity and adventure over creating a literary masterpiece, nearly 60 novels begun during NaNoWriMo have since been published, including Water for Elephants, a New York Times #1 Bestseller by Sara Gruen.

“Writing a novel in a month inspires incredible confidence in seasoned and first-time novelists alike,” says NaNoWriMo Program Director, Lindsey Grant. “Completing a draft of the novel they’ve been contemplating for ages gives participants a tremendous sense of accomplishment and leaves them wondering what else they’re capable of.”

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Press Release Monday 11/8/2010

Tranquillity Initiative

Palmdale, California Tranquility Initiative, a medical thriller about an anthrax attack on New York City, is now available on Amazon. It is a book that is so in tune with current events that author Joan Meijer had to rewrite significant parts of it as the present kept catching up and passing her fiction.

Starting with a President who is caught in an unpopular war during a re-election campaign, the action of this story moves the reader through authorization of the use of illegal anthrax weaponry on another country, weapons stolen from our overseas bases and returned to the United States through a customs that was not warned about the possibility because of the fear that the Administration might be found out. As Bob Woodward discussed in Obama’s Wars, the military has taken over this Administration and tactics that were frowned upon overseas have come back to haunt us.

Two bombs are smuggled into New York City. One is opened and, when no explosives are found inside them, the terrorists make the connection to a debilitating outbreak of pulmonary anthrax that has brought their home country Astrakhan to its knees. They release the contents of the bomb into Times Square precipitating an outbreak of this rare disease in the thousands.

The remainder of the story is about Doctor Cassandra Williams and Senator Richland Powell, Junior Senator from New York working to identify the epicenter of the epidemic that has struck the city in order to find clues that will identify where it was released, and to stop the aerial deployment of the second bomb from one of New York’s historic skyscrapers. That release would bring New York to its knees, resulting in the deaths of millions and the mayhem that would follow. Even as Williams and Powell struggle to locate and stop the terrorists, a cadre of ex-military attempt to kill Cassandra and her anthrax specialist father Doctor Stuart Williams in order to prevent them from identifying the bacilli as made in America and bringing down the Administration which is their power base.

The best part is I get to use my favorite parts of the city, The Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Times Square.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

With the advent of an anti-immigrant group sending a toxic white powder to Representative Raul Grijalva, D. Arizona, we are reminded of how closely “Tranquillity Initiative, “Joan Meijer’s new novel, skates to the truth in the news. Meijer blogs at about how she talks not only about germ warfare, but about how communities outside affected areas can be expected to set up vigilante groups to protect their neighborhoods from refugees... That part of the book was finished before Katrina reminded us about how people act when they are afraid. Reading “Tranquillity Initiative” is close to reading current reports in the papers and being introduced to a dark and possible future.

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How To Write a Book That Positions You As An Expert In Your Field published on Kindle

Joan Meijer’s book for speakers, coaches and presenters who wish to publish books that position them as experts and for back of the room sales. This e-book discusses the considerations for how to proceed in publishing – should you seek a commercial publisher, should you self-publish, if you decide on self-publishing what are your options and what do you need to know to publish and self-promote successfully. This is the book Joan Meijer uses for back of the room sales when she lectures on writing.

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Tranquillity Initiative released

Joan Meijer’s latest novel “Tranquillity Initiative” has been released and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She is making autographed copies available on her website. This is the medical thriller than shows what would happened if an anthrax bomb was deployed from a New York skyscraper. She had to rewrite it after 9/11 because her buildings of choice had been the twin towers.

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Why Do I Keep Blowing Up New York?

Maybe because it’s my favorite city. Maybe because it’s a city where I love to walk and which I know better than any other. I didn’t actually blow up New York in Tranquillity – I brought in a couple of anthrax bombs and infected a few thousand people with one of them. Leaving the other one in the hands of the terrorists waiting to be dropped.

Released August 15, 2010