Joan Meijer

Joan Meijer

“The first big thing that hit me about this book is a specific talent that Joan has as a writer that I've rarely seen… I'm stunned at the way that Joan has taken a mere glimpse at a person and made them someone I cared about.”
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Joan Meijer, the oldest daughter of Bonnie Prudden, started writing in the early 1980s in Paramedic trade publications. At that time she had founded The National Emergency Care Advisory Council and was working with network Program Practices Executives to improve representation of emergency care in programming, "Triaging TVs Prehospital Perspective". As a New York City Paramedic she worked downtown New York out of Beekman Downtown Hospital – which served the World Trade Center. During that time she began work on The Character Book her seminal analysis of character which she uses as the background for her blog

In the Mid-1980s she teamed up with her sister Suzy Prudden and wrote Starting Right (Doubleday), the best selling MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape (Hay House), Adventure-cise with Suzy Prudden (AUDIO) (Caedmon-Arabesque), Change Your Mind, Change Your Body (Harper San Francisco). In the 1990s Joan became the writer for hire for two films for Demian Lichtenstein in Los Angeles. She also began writing novels.

Things were changing in the Suzy Prudden / Joan Meijer partnership and in the late 1990s Suzy opened what was to become the largest hypnosis office in Los Angeles specializing in weight loss. Joan became a hypnotist and started experimenting with writing hypnosis processes. She mastered nutrition and wrote Suzy Prudden’s Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book; 15 Steps to Lose Weight and Keeping It Off.

In 2006 she wrote Date Rape: It’s Not Your Fault and began developing hypnosis processes for the victims of rape. And she began to move her novel Tranquillity Initiative toward publication.

In 2008 she wrote and developed the Business-in-a-Binder Pounds Off Programs a complete weight loss program in a binder that people who are interested in helping their friends and members of their community lose weight can use to start a small business. Suzy Prudden and Joan were already teaching certification courses in Empowerment Coaching and Hypnosis and it was an easy transition to teaching their students how to open their own weight loss coaching classes.

In 2009 she placed Tranquillity Initiative with Eloquent Books, Strategic Publishing and is now marketing the book which has recently been released.

Joan lives just north of Los Angeles on a small farm with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, 32 chickens, five ducks, three horses, three goats, six dogs, five cats, 33 bunnies, a pig which thinks it’s a pet and her computer. When she is not writing, she is admiring her grandson turn into a wonderful young man.

Most recently she has joined the “National Novel Writing Month” and was a winner in the contest with her book Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary. Now in rewriting phase. She has also become a member of Amazon Studios with the film for Tranquillity Initiative.

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Why Do I Keep Blowing Up New York?

Maybe because it’s my favorite city. Maybe because it’s a city where I love to walk and which I know better than any other. I didn’t actually blow up New York in Tranquillity – I brought in a couple of anthrax bombs and infected a few thousand people with one of them. Leaving the other one in the hands of the terrorists waiting to be dropped.

Released August 15, 2010